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July 23, 2013
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"...Fullmetal?" Asked Colonel Mustang as Ed had opened the door. Mustang looked at your crimson red face then looked at Ed. Mustang's fingers were intertwined together with his chin resting on top and his elbows on his desk. He always had an emotionless face and his cold eyes, they brought shivers down your spine. The look on Ed's face was completely priceless. It took everything you had in you to not laugh. He looked as if he couldn't find his words.

"Well...Fullmetal?" Mustang asked again starting to get furious. He was never known for his patience.

You turned to face Ed and started screaming, "You mean you didn't consider that the Colonel would be in his own office?! You're a real idiot!" Ed didn't even flinch or look at you.You sighed and added, "You can be hopeless sometimes..." Then you turned around to face the Colonel and you politely bowed and apologized.

"New girlfriend eh, Fullmetal?" smirked Mustang. Your face blushed even deeper red and started to panic, saying,

"No, no! It's not li-" Ed had interrupted me saying,

"Yes, I did." He said calmly. You opened your mouth to protest but nothing came out.

"Hmm? Is that so? Major [last name]? Also a state alchemist..." Mustang mumbled, obviously not 'happy' that you were with the blonde haired boy.

"Please...come in." The colonel invited us in.

You quickly replied, "uhh...No! We can't! We need dinner!" you pulled Ed away form the office is fast as you could. Almost dragging him. you knew Mustang could tell you were panicking. He knew that look all too well.
You were hold Ed's hand and were heading back to your house. You were slightly walking ahead of Ed.

"So it is about Mustang, after all..." Ed said boldly.

"like I've said before...It isn't about Mustang." you told him not look at him, still walking.

"Then what the hell was that?!" He started to yell and he stopped walking.

"I'd rather not explain..." you whispered.

"fine! But if anything happens like that again, I'll force it out of you." He sighed.

You laughed and replied, "Good luck" You and Ed kept walking and while you were cooking dinner the phone rang. Ed watched you as you walked over and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" you asked.

"Is this Major [last name]?" You looked at Ed.


"Colonel Mustang wants you in his office after you are done with dinner."

"Understood." You said formally.

"Oh and he also said not to bring anyone with you."

"Yes..." Then you hung up.

"Who was that?" Ed asked.

"Central Command." You walked back to the kitchen to continue attending dinner.
hehehe so this is the stuff i do when im watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood xD heheheee sooo yeaahh! I don't own FMA or you! the story is mine thoughh. I know, I know, mustang and Ed are out of character (well not mustang so much, yet) soo yup yup I hope you enjoy!

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